We create great tasting breads by using old world methods. Our breads are fermented slowly using starters unique to each bread variety. This allows the loaves to develop their earthy characteristics. We do not add any fats, eggs, oils, sugars, or preservatives to our breads. This means the breads have no saturated fats or cholesterol*. 
We bake all our breads from scratch daily to ensure you the freshest bread possible.  Our crusty loaves are the pride of our bakers!

*Italian bread has shortening and sugar in the ingredients

Bread Schedule

Every Day - Rye, Italian, Como, Paesano, Baguette, Epi, Multigrain, 100% Whole Grain

All Rolls Are Available For Special Order With A 2 To 3 Day Notice (Increments Of 12)

Tuesday - Como Rolls

Wednesday - Finnish Rye, Finnish Rye Rolls, Challah Knot Rolls • Thursday - Sourdough, Baguette Rolls

Friday - Sourdough, Challah, Como Rolls, Challah Knot Rolls • Saturday - Sourdough, German Rye, Cheddar Cheese Bread ~ Seasonal, Focaccia ~ Seasonal, Tosi Light Rye Rolls, Como Rolls

Tosi Rye

The bread that started it all.  salt top, light rye the way we have made it for over 40 years.


Thin crisp crust, fresh yeast aroma – great deli sub bread.


Hand shaped italian style white bread, crisp. made with a small amount of sour dough starter, and traditional “poolish” method.

Cheddar Cheese

Our italian bread with  7 oz cheddar cheese added to each loaf. baked in a loaf pan.


Our version of ciabatta bread.  extra long fermentation gives this bread a truly unique flavor, porous uneven texture inside, thin crisp crust. this bread is great drizzled with olive oil and toasted, great with cheeses…or any toppings!

Herb Como

Brushed with olive oil, rosemary and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Sour Dough

Crusty, airy, San Francisco style, sour flavor.  Made using traditional levain method.


Made with an Italian Biga and extra virgin oil, this bread is available in ½ sheets and rounds with olive oil, rosemary topping or sundried tomatoes and black olives. 


Traditional french style loaf, light & airy crumb, and a golden crunchy crust. made with traditional “poolish” method.


Traditional braided egg bread. soft texture

German Honey Rye

The true taste of german bread.  Honey rye bread, moist dense texture.

Multi Grain

Healthy loaf of bread, packed with grains. 

Finnish Rye

Northern European style bread. this round loaf is dense and full of flax, rye meal, and whole wheat sour for a great nutritional value.

Organic Miche

The bread made famous by Lionel Poilane at his classic bakery in Paris.  dark crusted and light brown interior, our most flavorful bread. comes plain, with walnuts & raisins, and seasonally made with apple cider.

100% Whole Grain

Packed with grains, this bread defines healthy. no white flour for those watching the carbs.